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Have you experienced a heel pain? Let me tell you my story long time ago! I went through the most horrible pain in my left heel for a long time. I went to 2 different doctors and talked to many different people– no one could help. No one had any idea what was causing the pain except to say it might be a heel spur, and I should just get some different shoes. Oh, OK. But I could barely walk, and every day was agony trying to get through.

A little extra money coming in means a lot when you’re scraping by. It can be savings for that big car repair that comes out of the blue. It can help with unexpected medical bills.

If you need a bigger loan or for a longer term, you will need to contact a bank or other traditional lending institution to see if you qualify with them. The requirements are more stringent and the process takes longer, but you must decide what your needs are and what loan is best for you before proceeding with any loan.

If you and the woman you are dating can laugh together, you are creating good memories that linger especially to women. If you can make any woman laugh, it is an experience she can to tell to her friends and family, delighted for having a date with a cheerful, humorous man.

He inspired my children’s book “William’s Troublesome Tongue”. I was looking for something he could relate to hoping to help him with his feelings of inadequacy. I took a simple young frog and gave him a home care products for elderly that he had to work through to survive. I’m not sure if it helped or not, but I had a wonderful time writing and illustrating the book and hope it helps other children with some of their problems as well. You don’t have to be like everybody else to be happy and sometimes even the simplest tasks are hard to do.

Raising children is never an easy job, but raising one with learning disabilities can be an even bigger challenge. Most learning disabilities are never even apparent until your child starts school. My youngest had a visual acuity problem. There were a lot of small signs that he had a problem, but I just wrote them off as insecurities.

There were a lot of other smaller negatives that happened in my life but this article was meant to be just a short version. I maintain several blogs and I give much more detailed information on them.